Isnin, 23 September 2013


Kita buat rincian serinci manapun jangan lupa Yang Maha Mengetahui segala tentang hambaNya.

Sabtu, 14 September 2013


Should I?
In tachycardia condition, sympathetic stimulation.

Life become tough, for sometimes. Sometimes.
Live the life,said others.

An arguement
There are some arguements to be win on it, we thought. Either we win or loose, we thought. Then, hurting each other, we haven't thought it.

Silent killer
It kill the harmony. Destroy the happiness. Build a block. Block a kindness.

Tabassama liakhika sadaqah

Leave it
Should I?
And be natural. Learn to have it.

Forget it
Let it be the past tense. Just for the past. Only for that time.

 -put your ego on right place-